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Hello, names Dee Dee first time blogger 24 and I’m a Scorpio. Just a little about me, I wanted to start this blogging because I decided to loc my hair , but it won’t be all about locs. Being a new mommy and a African American female up keep with your hair in today’s society is a big deal and very expensive. I have multiple people around me who have started the loc journey also and tend to always ask questions, so for anyone trying to decide on locking or just interested in the process, I hope my post help. So as of 8:00 pm Dec 30,2017 i officially began my journey. I had recently had big box braids that has a trend lately. I took my hair done washed it 3x and did a light conditioning treatment with olive oil products and I blotted my hair dry with a shirt. Using a shirt still allows your hair to hold water which is good unlike a big rough towel. My Bestfriendddd lol used a palming aid, Cantu detangling spray and a comb. Here you have what a hr 30 min process of beginning locs look like. I’ll post every 2 weeks to show the transition. Hope you enjoyed . Please give any tips and suggestions .

Love or Survival

::  everything your going to read has been written over the course of a week. ::

This topic I seen on Facebook reads, ” People that were raised on Love or Survival view life completely different” ,

I believe I have more questions than I do answers, so I’m going to ask a few then answer them myself . You might relate you might not , YOU might judge me , YOU might look at me different ( if you know me) YOU might change your perception on how you few things, YOU might want to get your shit together , YOU might feel targeted. But these are MY VIEWS MY OPINION MY BLOG !!!

  • Why is there a difference between LOVE & SURVIVAL ? : Everyone is use to putting labels on things and I can admit I also fall short with doing so. To me there’s a difference because people tend to treat others a certain way depending on how they were raised and even more so after they’ve been out in the world and have been able to form their own perceptions of people and situations
  • Were you raised on LOVE or SURVIVAL ? : Me personally I was raised on Both. I say both because my ideal thought of being raised on love looks a little like this……being a young kid you are taught to be kind be nice treat others the way you want to be treated, to share , being considerate and putting other peoples feeling before your own, showing compassion……Then BOOM I’m in middle school being made fun of. So now I’m taught to SURVIVE and to stand my ground and to speak up and to not back down and to keep pushing no matter the circumstances because SOMEONE else was not raised the way I WAS.
  • Are you a LOVER OR SURVIVOR ? : I am definitely a Survivor, I don’t like asking for help I find was to get things that I want and get things done. I’ve always been very independent and I take pride in that. I love that my mom and dad allowed me to make mistakes and bump my head so i could see works best for me, but during so I never called asking for help if anything i just wanted advice !! I’m happy to have been shown the ropes and take charge because I don’t depend on anybody for anything !! I believe my parents have done their job raising me and its up to me to make MY life what i want it. I think my generation is too spoiled and not aware of anything !!
  • Which skill will you teach your future children ? : B O T H ! everyone needs to know how to love and when to give love and also how to survive. Its important you teach your kids the essential cooking for yourself, Hygiene , protection as well as being humble to know when to actually stop and help someone in need even if that means you might be in bind .  And that why i believe I am so blessed. Because ive given even when I knew it was my last $$ to help someone else out , why because i knew my newt meal was gong to come unli8kie that person not knowing if that last bit of money was going to be all they see that month or for a few months

i just felt like this was a good topic to talk about I think ill address it on LIVE I want to know more and discuss this in depth …..comments are welcomed


Almost Time

As I sit at work looking at myself in the mirror , I cant believe my 1 year Loc Journey is approaching .

Just a quick recap on the past 11 months

I LOVE MY HAIR, my hair has grown so much since I first started my Locs. I don’t Think I started to see a change in growth until the spring of 2018. My coils wou7ld unravel allllll the time and I still have few Locs that are actually 2 strand twist just because those specific Locs didn’t agree with the coil. I had to learn that every Locs truly has its own identity. My Locs around my edges are the shorts Locs I have. I have a Tail Loc in the back its the longest one back there as well as I have a split loc ( 1 loc with 2 ends ) weird but very common.

I was most excited about coloring my hair , I LOVE BLONDE. So I did some research read up and watched YouTube bloggers about coloring Locs and decided to go for it. I made the choice to do dark brown first because I knew it would change the texture of my hair a tad but not as harsh of change if I would’ve went right to the desire blonde color I had in mind. I enjoyed the color it was vibrant right in time for spring and gave me another Boost of confidence.

My go to products I used during that time was still coconut oil and argan oil for dehydration hair and split ends. I hardly ever use shampoo, I only do cowash which means I Rinse my hair and I use conditioner and Rinse with cool water. Any SULFATE FREE conditioner and Shampoo our the best products and highly recommend. I would use Jam to do my retwist because it was light and dried quicker over night. Now I use moose, I saturate my whole head at least5 3-4x during my retwist and sleep with a scarf on and I’ve been enjoying those retwist a lot , they last long and its ligh weight compared to the heavy build up of other products.

Then Summer came and of course my urge for Color hits me again. I wanted BLONDE HAIR !!! …….so I did my color again !!! and this time it was a blonde orange with a few tints of yellow but of course I toned it with a little lavender and my color was BOMB. I loved it , it was very bright . Just what I wanted. So of course with that came more moisturizer like A LOT MORE. Then I started making my own oil mixture . I had a water bottle filled with coconut oil, olive oil, aloe Vera juice, peppermint oil and water shake it up and spray away . I would do this every morning and every night. Because it was summer now the Sun was drying my hair out and I never knew it.

So fast forward to present day Nov 13,2018 my hair is blonde I’m wanting to reach platinum blonde one day . I am overly moisturizing right now because of the winter and my hair has been thirstyyyyy chillleeee lol. I can do a pony tail now, I still have like a 1-2 rows in the back that cant fully reach but that progressssssss it use to be my whole head lol. I love the old rough look, I only get my hair done for special occasions or I’ll retwist the first 3 rows during the week to look neat.

I cant wait for 2019 Summer the length is all I’m waiting for .

see yall !

Time flies when your having F U N

You ever sat alone and ALL your thoughts rush to your head 🙃 yep that’s me a over-thinker. I try my hardest to stop but it like consumes in and takes me to my sunken place.

Today I’ve allowed myself to feel every emotion and consume myself with all of it

I stayed in bed all day

I’m not happy, being here at home gives me a unease feeling.

I want to move away so bad !!!! I want new scenery new air new friends new goals new jobs new look new outcomes..

I go back in school

My daughter is the only thing I feel like I’m good at and haven’t failed.

Im officially over nails Overlays only !!

Oh what a Yeari

It’s been along time coming ……….I just felt compelled to tell y’all my story ☺️ In Other words a testimony ❤️ nothing was giving to me because I was know for going and taking what I wanted when I wanted it , yeah I guess Rebellious would work too ! 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’ve fallen short , I’ve been lOVED CHILEEE , I’ve been laughed at , I been left out , I’ve moved , I’ve been DOWN & up. I’ve HiT rock bottom and I’ve acted a complete FOOL At TIMES , I feel like I just said a whole bunch and in BET in somebody head reading this I’m probably “blowing things out of porportion ” 🤦🏽‍♀️ buts thats the joy and excitement I needed cause I knew you would react that way ….if you didn’t I knew I was doing something wrong!

I love everybody that’s been patient with me 🙌🏽 at times I feel lo.. I was saying sometimes I feel a lil under the weather. I believe what they say the weather can affects people mood . All I wanna do is lay up in bed all day IM A SCORPIO 😤.

OoooH by the way This L ❤️ C S Journey has been EVERYTHINGGGGG and then some to ME 💛🌻✨🌼🌕🍯💛

I don’t think I’ve accomplished anything to really make my parents proud , like nothing at least big enough to talk about at a corporate dinner …… and right when I thought I did, it was snatched away .

Dating is Overrated 📍📌🎯‼️💯 I’ve been apart the Good Bad .

Imma finish working on MYSELF ♏️

I’ve been COVERED this whole YEAR ✨🙌🏽 forever Grateful. I’ve made it another 365 took a lot of hurtful unfortunate and painful losses.

RussC your presences is missed tremendously. You definitely did something to my spirit that’s unexplainable, I can only imagine how Mommy feeling ! I can only compare it to the hurt I’ve been feeling since my dad past . Attachment hurts 🥀 I wish it stop sitting on my chest 💔

My C I T Y

is crying for help but the C is silent ❣️

I’m so grateful for the protection over my daughter life and myself . People are shooting up schools churches movie theaters and Bars and young black man are getting hung we’re living through the days adjusting to these traumatic situations.

But it’s 7 Friday’s from a New Year 🍾💄


The more I sit back and not try to fit in the more I see things for what they really are . Has anyone ever felt like people have bad intentions? Or people are out to play you ? A lot of people are so wrapped up in themselves they never see how their actions affect the people around them . What bothers me the most are people who play the game so well complain but still play victim when their actions are the cause for everything.

Don’t mind me I’m just rambling

Testimony 2018

I’m not looking for sympathy or Attention……..My dad use to ask me all the time where do I see myself in 3-5 years. My answer was never “being a single mother” but simply working, traveling, and having my own place. Well it’s amazing how much can change in year. Imagine finally having enough courage and strength to leave a unhealthy domestic relationship and BOOM the pregnancy test is positive.
My Gift is loving unconditionally and being forgiven more than I should to the wrong people and situations. MY Daughter Saved me !!!!! I’ve had my fair share of friendships, relationships, situation-ships, and trying to fit in with all the wrong people. With all the hurt and pain I was so disappointed in myself for disappointing my family. So I dropped to my knees everyday struggling LIKE REAL LIFE BALLING TEARS until I had a headache about ending my pregnancy.
I thank god for such wonderful people in my life who spoke encouraging words over my life and unborn child. I asked God why ME , WHY NOW . It was simple , I WAS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS 💛 . I accepted my gift and began speaking life into my child’s life my faith grew stronger I became Wiser , I became Happy and overjoyed with my decision . Now I know I’m not the first to do it , but I grind for my daughter got my apartment and moved the same day as my baby shower I worked up until I gave birth . I ended a relationship that was no longer for me .
Ideally Everywoman wants her family to work every woman wants her child to have two parents and not just one every woman wants to feel loved and share the loving experience with her child, with me I had to make sacrifices me I had to love myself first in order to love my child me I had to let go of hurt  anger regrets and sadness. I had to grow through my pain in order to love my child. I had to be bold enough to say enough is enough!!!  how dare I bring a child in this world and not know my own worth trying to instill lessons and teach a child what they should and should not do but I’m constantly battling with myself with the dues and don’ts of how and what to except from a relationship.
Love should never be frightening love should never be intimidating love should never feel scary love should never have you sitting in bed crying wondering what’s going to happen next. That’s a challenge for anybody trying to love the hurt out of someone who isn’t ready to change . Sooo I had nothing else to do but become a better me for my child, and when she came I was blessed to stay home for 6 months with my baby by myself!!! Every month when bills were due, I leaned on God !! I repeatedly told myself wealth and Richest are in my house. And by myself I took care of my child , myself and my home . I say all that background to encourage the next young lady . It’s okay to fall but fight to get back up every mistake is a learned lesson .
Don’t lose sight of your goals. A child is and will always be a blessing . My struggles does not define who I am but they made me the Mother and woman I am today !!! A go getter ! Yes it’s hard but this little Girl is my safe haven , it’s a Love I’ve always knew I wanted , she brings peace to my life and joy to my heart. I’ve found my career because of the motivation she brings to me.
I’ve achieved things I never saw reachable for me. In conclusion I say this to thank god for allowing me to see what I am capable of and nothing is unreachable for me. He made a way for me when my feet were stuck and my back was against the wall. But god blessed me with  ,my child ,my home and my career . When your obedient your blessings are unimaginable!!!!
My Testimony is simply this, I went through all that and it changed me as an individual as a daughter as a sister and friend, as a child of God !!!! I am who I am because I never backed down I never gave up and I trusted God to listen and stand on his word. I’ve been Blessed because I allowed my pain to help mold me and not break me into pieces