I L❤️C it

This is the post excerpt.


Hello, names Dee Dee first time blogger 24 and I’m a Scorpio. Just a little about me, I wanted to start this blogging because I decided to loc my hair , but it won’t be all about locs. Being a new mommy and a African American female up keep with your hair in today’s society is a big deal and very expensive. I have multiple people around me who have started the loc journey also and tend to always ask questions, so for anyone trying to decide on locking or just interested in the process, I hope my post help. So as of 8:00 pm Dec 30,2017 i officially began my journey. I had recently had big box braids that has a trend lately. I took my hair done washed it 3x and did a light conditioning treatment with olive oil products and I blotted my hair dry with a shirt. Using a shirt still allows your hair to hold water which is good unlike a big rough towel. My Bestfriendddd lol used a palming aid, Cantu detangling spray and a comb. Here you have what a hr 30 min process of beginning locs look like. I’ll post every 2 weeks to show the transition. Hope you enjoyed . Please give any tips and suggestions .

Testimony 2018

I’m not looking for sympathy or Attention……..My dad use to ask me all the time where do I see myself in 3-5 years. My answer was never “being a single mother” but simply working, traveling, and having my own place. Well it’s amazing how much can change in year. Imagine finally having enough courage and strength to leave a unhealthy domestic relationship and BOOM the pregnancy test is positive.
My Gift is loving unconditionally and being forgiven more than I should to the wrong people and situations. MY Daughter Saved me !!!!! I’ve had my fair share of friendships, relationships, situation-ships, and trying to fit in with all the wrong people. With all the hurt and pain I was so disappointed in myself for disappointing my family. So I dropped to my knees everyday struggling LIKE REAL LIFE BALLING TEARS until I had a headache about ending my pregnancy.
I thank god for such wonderful people in my life who spoke encouraging words over my life and unborn child. I asked God why ME , WHY NOW . It was simple , I WAS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS 💛 . I accepted my gift and began speaking life into my child’s life my faith grew stronger I became Wiser , I became Happy and overjoyed with my decision . Now I know I’m not the first to do it , but I grind for my daughter got my apartment and moved the same day as my baby shower I worked up until I gave birth . I ended a relationship that was no longer for me .
Ideally Everywoman wants her family to work every woman wants her child to have two parents and not just one every woman wants to feel loved and share the loving experience with her child, with me I had to make sacrifices me I had to love myself first in order to love my child me I had to let go of hurt  anger regrets and sadness. I had to grow through my pain in order to love my child. I had to be bold enough to say enough is enough!!!  how dare I bring a child in this world and not know my own worth trying to instill lessons and teach a child what they should and should not do but I’m constantly battling with myself with the dues and don’ts of how and what to except from a relationship.
Love should never be frightening love should never be intimidating love should never feel scary love should never have you sitting in bed crying wondering what’s going to happen next. That’s a challenge for anybody trying to love the hurt out of someone who isn’t ready to change . Sooo I had nothing else to do but become a better me for my child, and when she came I was blessed to stay home for 6 months with my baby by myself!!! Every month when bills were due, I leaned on God !! I repeatedly told myself wealth and Richest are in my house. And by myself I took care of my child , myself and my home . I say all that background to encourage the next young lady . It’s okay to fall but fight to get back up every mistake is a learned lesson .
Don’t lose sight of your goals. A child is and will always be a blessing . My struggles does not define who I am but they made me the Mother and woman I am today !!! A go getter ! Yes it’s hard but this little Girl is my safe haven , it’s a Love I’ve always knew I wanted , she brings peace to my life and joy to my heart. I’ve found my career because of the motivation she brings to me.
I’ve achieved things I never saw reachable for me. In conclusion I say this to thank god for allowing me to see what I am capable of and nothing is unreachable for me. He made a way for me when my feet were stuck and my back was against the wall. But god blessed me with  ,my child ,my home and my career . When your obedient your blessings are unimaginable!!!!
My Testimony is simply this, I went through all that and it changed me as an individual as a daughter as a sister and friend, as a child of God !!!! I am who I am because I never backed down I never gave up and I trusted God to listen and stand on his word. I’ve been Blessed because I allowed my pain to help mold me and not break me into pieces

3 months later

Its been while, 3 whole months. I lost site of my goals . I didnt want to write anymore. I lost myself for awhile and I had no energy in wanting to write about my hair. Being a Single a mommy i tend to get wrapped up in life and being a friend a daughter a sister a teacher a provider a cousin hell even a ATM  and i hardly ever take time for me.  I know i decided this life and im not complaining , I just know when things i try to commit to then fall short, this is why ! Not to mention when life throws you curve balls what do you do……Catch it ? Throw it back ? well me it hit me right in my face and knocked me out. I had a recent death in the family that took a major toll on my Family and is still hard to adjust too. It  took me awhile to get back in the swing of things. Still i have my days when i do not want to talk be bother and i just want to be alone. As of recent I have a hard time just dealing with that because I’ve allowed some Guest to live with me. So here i am dealing with everything Im going through and now taking on someone else situation, while still try to cope. As well as sharing my space and privacy with others. adjusting to how well i keep my home clean and smelling good and just allowing people to enter my peace of mind. Me being who I am, I dont know how to let someone just struggle and do things the wrong way and endure their struggle, But Ive learned in a short period of time, you can not want something more for someone if they don’t want it for themselves. I’ve always played the MOMMA Role of my friends and I’m Burnt out !! God blessed me with ability to know my priorities and responsibilities come first ! But teaching that to others , I ‘ like that responsibility, I don’t like trying to get others to see that the same behaviors are going to continue to keep them repeating cycles. That’s the worst conversation you can have someone not willing to change. Overall I’ve found ways to adapt to life and cope with such sadness but it is not easy at all .

Now back to the HAIR, My hair is everything. Its the one thing that gives me confidence. It makes me smiles. I honestly don’t do much at all now. I go 3 weeks with retwist now. I use Castor oil mixed with Shea Butter and coconut oil on my scalp and i do a Rinse prior to my 3 week twist.  I recently did a color lift on my hair s its a bright sandy brown but my goal is a honey Blonde. ill be posting pics later this evening.

For the Love of Locs

So here I am , a new mother, a new woman , a new daughter, sister and friend. Learning to balance life all over again with a child now. In just the short period of time of my daughter being here I lost interest in myself and my up keep . Sweat pants big T-shirt mix match socks and Bonnet was my new favorite wardrobe.

I got my hair cut and ironed out 2 months after my daughter was here and 1 week later I was back to my regular go to look.

Then I started back working and I had to pull it together. Okay coo , black pants blue shirt black shoes ponytail for the Win ! I came home one day looked in the mirror and I cried. I missed my body I missed feeling comfortable I missed being seen . My birthday approaches and I got my hair done in some really cute braids $60 .

So new job new baby new work uniform and I had to keep up with my hair every 2 weeks. 60$ every 2 weeks 🙄 that’s diapers wipes oh gas , a light bill , tissue , soap YOU NAME IT 🤦🏽‍♀️. My sisters at church had started their journey and I began to fall in love with the look. The confidence the locs gave them seeing the transformation from start to a year in . I said “you know what I’m Next”

The very first day I i loc my hair. I felt FINEEE , sexy , gorgeous and for the first time I felt New again. A new look a new confidence a NEW ME . This journey, only 2 weeks in I feel goood about myself inside and out. I take pride in my hair having a new look really rebuild my confidence.

Love Loc Live 💜

should’ve asked for Help

Let me T e l l y o u 🙄 I did my first semi wash and was very disappointed. All my lil dreads just started unraveling. So let’s go through the process.

My thought process was to just rinse my hair do a oil cowash and retwist my hair. I thought of all the negative things that could go wrong. Yes even the unraveling but in my head I’m like sure I’d have to retwist them that’s apart of “The Process” .

Cool so I massaged my scalped with my finger tips ( I wanted to scratch so bad) and really focused on getting the built up edge control on my edges. Great rinsed 5, 3x with hot water 2x Luke cool water. That’s done , so I’m drying my hair , I use T shirts to dry my hair it’s not as rough as towels and it doesn’t take all your moisture away.

Now at this moment my hair looks good THEN I start to touch it and section it off and babyyyyy I got so flustered. Here I am in the mirror just staring at clumps of hair literally. My poor dreads lost they’re twist direction . I did my retwist and palmed rolled , but I think the product (Cantu lock and twist gel) didn’t help so much.

Fast forward, I completely dried by morning, no dryer just air dry and BOOM just like that I was happy again. The budding of the back of my hair was BOMB . However some dreads lost all tension and twist and look like curly strand pieces of hair. This is truly an emotional journey lol

Patience is Key , have no expectations and just trust the process 😊✌🏽

First ReTwist


I am in L🌼c . First retwist done by my BigSister Ruby and I am in love. I love how it boost my confidence and I feel fine all over , and not caring what every thing else looks like .

So I decided not to wash my hair, because my texture is very soft and curly. I believe I am a 4c . I’ll have to look into that more, my curl pattern is tight and it coiled . The ends of my hair in the front is curly while the back some have lost the curly tail .

I should’ve taken a pic of the product. It was made with pineapple and Gava called Tropical roots by Bronner brothers.

My first month was wonderful, I found doing less is more, at least for my hair texture. I oil my scalp every 2 days between coconut oil and Aragon oil to replenish dehydration because the coconut oil will dry out your if over used.

I’ll post about my jewelry finds next week, have a blessed week , be Bold as a Lion talk to y’all later 🌻🌼

1 month down

I made it !!!!!! 30 days down ! So let me just be honest with y’all…..this new growth is no joke lol I can’t wait to get retwist. I have at least 2 inches and a few dreads that my daughter just pulled apart lol.

So within this month I have had a few days that just felt like ughhhh “I can’t do nothing with my hair” or “my hair not done I need a hat” B U T ….I’d go in my bathroom retwist a few dreads in the front lay my edges down grab some lip gloss and put on some lashes and BOOM I’m cute again!!!!!

I would literally have a new style every 2 weeks prior to locking my hair. This month I saved an extra 100 that’s going to be used for another box of diapers, bills or groceries . That’s the type of stuff that brings joy to my life !

I can see so much growth from the start of my ponytail to now and I’m not looking like alfalfa anymore! I’ve stuck with 2 products since starting, coconut oil and loc gel . Not huge fan of the loc gel but it works. I love to be able to say I love a product and I haven’t got there yet. I’m going to do a co wash this weekend and retwist.

So I’ll post about my wash and retwist as well as some pictures Saturday, see ya soon !

1 Week down

Happy New Year everyone. I made it through my first week Yayyyy! I am loving the look . I’ve had soooo many compliment and encouragement on starting the journey in just 1 week, it gives me butterflies ( I know corny) but it feels good to be Seen again ! So let’s just rewind a little bit . I’ll give you guys the background story on my hair . As a kid I had beautiful long curly sandy brown hair , you know the big ph tails that hang down your back pretty the curly hair all the kids want to touch . Yup that was me lol unfortunately before I got into my teen years my father passed and his mom passed and my moms mother passed , all those unfortunate losses took a toll on my hair and it broke off . I swear somebody came and just took chunks of my hair out my head when I was sleep . So then as a teen I started getting sewins and experimenting with my hair and became a Blonde and babyyyyy did I think I was cute.

Before I had my daughter I went Red for 2 weeks (mid life crisis R E D) lol then I’ve been black through my pregnancy . So throughout my pregnancy , I believe my prenatal pills made my hair feel very brittle, after I gave birth my hair went through postpartum depression instead of me . I was shedding and shedding and shedding IN BIG CLUMPS. It was in that moment I said ” I’m tired of mistreating my hair, I’m tired of not knowing what products don’t work for me, I’m tired of combing half my damn hair out” so I set a date for me to start my loc journey and HERE I AM 🙌🏽 standing bold in my journey.

My plan is to wait a month before washing my hair and just twist and style until then. I’ve worn it in a ponytail already, I was advised to do updo styles until it locks because my hair is so curly some of my lil twist have unraveled. I’ll be back soon with another update. Peace & Love ❤️